SchackPR provides senior-level guidance and hands on support to every aspect of your project.​

​​​​​​​​Communications Audit

​A quick, thorough audit of your communications assets and challenges will help efficiently address your most pressing needs and create a course of action.  


In addition to learning about your project goals, we study the context and culture in which your organization operates. Throughout the duration of our project, we stay on top of industry news, people, trends and data so that our strategy stays current and we take advantage of opportunities to become part of the conversation.

Message Development

Your key messages are the clear, concise explanations that lay the groundwork for all other communications. These are expressions of your core values, specific offerings, principles, and overall defining features that separate you from the competition.  

Action Plan

The fun part! Depending on your project and budget here is where we can get creative. Keeping business objectives in mind, we create a detailed communications plan, that contains any number of tactics and techniques. Once agreed upon, this is the map we use to guide us. Of course, we might take detours here and there, but it is an important starting point that helps us manage expectations and stay accountable.

Media Training

Unless your leaders and advocates are prepared, an interview, press event or chance encounter can become a lost opportunity. We will help identify appropriate spokespeople and help them to stay on point while remaining personable and informative.  ​​

Material Prep

We will create or revise all press materials and other content necessary for our efforts .

Issue/Crisis Management

Depending on the nature of your business, we will work with your team to prepare for any potential negative attention.

Increase your audience

Showcase your strengths

Launch something new

Create shareable content

Work with the media

Clarify your messaging

Position your brand

Protect your reputation​

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